Getting Started

Free Consultation

Once you have decided that you would like to try CrossFit, we will book you a free consultation with your personal coach.   Your coach will introduce you to the CrossFit philosophy of fitness, CFNQ’s application of that philosophy, and then assess your current fitness level.

Personal Training

Our fundamentals classes (which are done one-on-one with your coach) are designed to teach you the CrossFit movements – from Olympic lifting, power lifting, gymnastics, and other functional movements.  Your coach will also teach you about the importance of mobility, nutrition, and how to listen to your body to avoid injury.   Once you have met the required benchmarks, you will be ready to graduate into our group classes

Group Classes

During group classes, you will find a great community of people who have similar goals in mind.  Even though we are often competing against each other and the clock, it is done in a supportive environment.   Whether you are struggling to get that last sit-up completed or setting a new personal record, your coaches and fellow athletes are there to cheer you on.

Testing Out

If you have significant CrossFit experience and believe that you can competently perform all of the lifts and movements done in group classes, we will schedule you for a 60-minute session so that you can demonstrate your skills.

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